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Structural Ceramic

Question:   What is Zirconia?

Answer:      Zirconia is the oxide of zirconium metal, and is often called zirconium oxide or zirconium dioxide. It melts at temperatures over 2,700 °C and in a usable form, has an elastic modulus and thermal expansion coefficient similar to steel. Zirconia can exist in any of three different crystal structures: monoclinic, tetragonal, and cubic. The phase that zirconia takes on depends on its temperature, purity, and processing history. To make a usable form of zirconia, a small percentage of a stabilizing oxide, such as yttria (yttrium oxide) or magnesia (magnesium oxide) is added to prevent destructive phase changes and to develop the desired material properties.Typically Industrial Applications requiring temperature or corrosion resistance. Industries include chemical process, petrochemical, food, beverage, and mining.


Question:   Where would you use dense/ structural ceramics?

Answer:      Zirconia structural ceramic is engineered for outstanding mechanical properties. Our Zirconia ceramics exhibit the highest strength and fracture toughness as well as the highest resistance to wear, abrasion, and corrosion of any of the advanced ceramic materials. These materials solve wear problems when other wear resistant materials such as tungsten carbide do not meet the performance requirements.


Question:   What materials are available?

Answer:      We specializes in high purity Zirconia materials including:

  • Mg-PSZ (Magnesia Partially Stabilized Zirconia) is processed at extremely high temperatures, using magnesia (MgO) as a stabilizer making it the best for fracture toughness.
  • Y-TZP (Yttria Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal) is a Refractron specialty material for critical structural ceramic applications.


Question:   What information is required to make a quote?

Answer:      We need to know pipe size, medium, pressure, quantity, working temperature. (Send us the details or Fill out the inquiry on the website)

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