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FEP Lined Ball Valve

FEP Lined Ball Valve

The Ball valves and cock are the same kind of valve,but on the other hand the ball valve's open/close accessory is the ball with round hole,the ball rotates together with the pole to realize open and close valve.

The series of Fluoroplastic lined ball valve:

1.The FEP liner ball valve possess high chemical tability and can be applied to any other serious erosive medium except the fuse alkali metal and F element.

2.It adopts full diameters,drift ball structure to make the valve zero-leaking close within the whole pressure scope,at the same time it is used for the maintain for pipe way.

3.The combination of the open-close ball and pole of valve cast gets rid of the impacting endure perss so to ensure the safety of use.

4.The compact and the reaonable structure and the smallest lumen room reduced the stay of the medium.Inaddition the special mould pressure craft make the delicate of sealing surface perfect,and with the packing stuff PTFE to make the valve zero leakage.

5.Two and three pieces structure are applied to various kinds of pipe systems and work conditions,in that the three pieces ball valve allow the valve body to seperate with the two sides to realize the rapid exchange and maintain.

Criterion of design:

To meet the standard GB1237,API608,API6D


Drive mode:

Manual,worm gear,motor and Pneumatic.