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V-port Ceramic Ball valve

V-port Ceramic Ball valve


The V-port full lined hard-seal ceramic control ball valves are applicable to a variety of pipes like Class15./300 and PN10-PN50,suitable for the controlling or cutting of medium in the high-wearing or corrosive working conditions.If select different materials,the valve can be applied to water,steam,oil,lime slurry,liquid chlorine,nitric acid,acetic acid,oxidizing substances,urea and other medium.


V-port valve ball and seat generate cutting force,when the medium contains fiber,solid particles or slurry,the valve will not be stuck and still maintains a good seal with zero-leakage.



High-flow capacity and low pressure loss when it is fully opened.

High universality and compact in structure.

Wide Adjustable range and high adjustable precision.

Flow characteristics:Approximate Equal Percentage

Rotation angle:0-90


Driving Mode:Manual/Electric/Pneumatic/Worm gear

Working temperature: less than 280 Deg C

Special order must state the medium and the working condition.


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